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java comm api serial port

java comm api serial port. I wanted to download the Communications API for accessing the serial port for Windows but the appropriate download seems to be got lost. Hi guys, I m trying to import the javax.comm library but it seems that i don t have the package (so i m assuming it doesn t come part of the JDK  Java Serial Port Communication - Hi Everybody I am in new to Java I am doing a project how to read and write data with serial port I am trying to java comm API I  jython Python Serial Port Extension for Win32, Linux, BSD, Jython module for serial IO for Jython and JavaComm see init .py (C) 2002-2008  Java Communications APIの使い方. ○, 2007-12-24 ☆RXTXcomm内の定数(RS232Cの設定用定数)【RXTCcommのSerialPort.javaで定義されています。】. jSerialComm Platform-independent serial port access for Java. and the (deprecated) Java Communications API, with increased ease-of-use, an enhanced  Das Java Communications API ist eine Standard Erweiterung von Java, mit dem Java Die Java Comm Klassen verstehen RS232 serielle Ports und IEEE 1284  i need to access serial port to write certain data into serial port and raise ImportError( No Java Communications API implementation found ) I was immensely pleased when the package went in seamlessly with no coding changes (using the javax.comm.SerialPort layer), and more so that it has been  I m searching for an serial communication API for Java. systems I got heavy problems with jvm crashes when accessing (virtual) serial ports. The final step to getting the Java Comm API working under Linux, is to install the a quick and easy way to get serial and parallel port access in Java on Linux. Attention cette API ne correspond pas à l esprit � write once, run everywhere � de Java SerialPort extends CommPort class javax.comm.